Our weekly lab meetings and journal clubs are held together with the Andolfatto and Sella labs.

Meeting times: Fridays 12:45 – 2:00 pm (lab meeting) & 2:15-3:30 pm (journal club). Once a month, journal club will be at the alternate time of 4:00 – 5:15 pm.


October 23rd Lab Meeting Vagheesh Narasimhan Natural selection through different time epochs in ancient Europeans.
October 30th Journal club Zach Fuller Jones et al. 2020, Convergent evolution of seasonal camouflage in response to reduced snow cover across the snowshoe hare range eLife
November 13th Lab Meeting Ipsita Agarwal Fitness consequences of DNMs
Journal club Daniel Hooper TBD, TBD TBD
November 20th Lab Meeting Laura Hayward & Arbel Harpak Interpreting signals of polygenic adaptation
Journal club Anna Yoney Guo et al. 2020 The Dynamic Transcriptional Cell Atlas of Testis Development during Human Puberty, Cell Stem Cell
December 4th Lab Meeting Carla Hoge TBD
December 11th Journal Club Will Milligan TBD
December 18th Lab Meeting Peter Andolfatto Concerted evolution reveals co-adapted amino acid substitutions
January 15th Lab Meeting Eric Turkheimer Are SNPs related to complex human behavior causal? Does it matter?
Journal club Eric Turkheimer Fisher 1919, The Correlation between Relatives on the Supposition of Mendelian Inheritance. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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Full Schedule:

January 24th Lab Meeting Zach Fuller Towards a genetic prediction of bleaching in Corals.
January 31st Journal club Carla Hoge Jung et al. 2019, Unified single-cell analysis of testis gene regulation and pathology in five mouse strains eLife
Journal club Luke Sarre Lopez and Palumbi 2019, Somatic mutations and genome stability maintenance in clonal coral colonies bioRxiv
March 6th Lab Meeting Ana Pinharanda Gene regulatory network evolution in morphological divergence between Drosophila species.
Journal Club Felix Wu Seplyarskiy et al. 2020, Population sequencing data reveal a compendium of mutational processes in human germline. BioRxiv
March 13th Journal Club Will Milligan Watson et al. 2016, Germline replications and somatic mutation accumulation are independent of vegetative life span in Arabidopsis PNAS and Schmid-Siegert et al. 2017 Low number of fixed somatic mutations in a long-lived oak tree Nature Plants.
March 20thJournal Club Zach Fuller Cirulli et al. 2020, Genome-wide rare variant analysis for thousands of phenotypes in over 70,000 exomes from two cohorts Nature.
March 26th Journal Club Collective COVID19 Part 1
April 3rdLab MeetingCarla HogeTowards identifying determinants of meiotic recombination landscapes in non-mammalian animals
Journal ClubCollectiveCOVID19 Part 2
April 10thJournal ClubArbel HarpakHowe et al. 2020, Assortative mating and within-spouse pair comparisons BioRxiv.
April 29thLab MeetingIpsita AgarwalEstimating fitness consequences of de novo mutations
May 15thLab MeetingDaniel HooperEvaluating the Faster-Z Effect in a recent radiation of Australian grassfinches
Journal ClubCarla HogeMalinsky et al. 2018, Whole-genome sequences of Malawi cichlids reveal multiple radiations interconnected by gene flow Nature Ecology and Evolution and Svardal et al. 2019 Ancestral Hybridization Facilitated Species Diversification in the Lake Malawi Cichlid Fish Adaptive Radiation Molecular Biology and Evolution.
May 22thJournal ClubArbel HarpakWang et al. 2020, Theoretical and empirical quantification of the accuracy of polygenic scores in ancestry divergent populations BioRxiv.
May 29thLab MeetingAaron SternQuantifying & disentangling selection on genetically-correlated complex traits
Journal ClubLaura HaywardBuffalo and Coop 2009 Genetics The Linked Selection Signature of Rapid Adaptation in Temporal Genomic Data.
June 5thJournal ClubAna PinharandaMeier et al. 2020, Haplotype tagging reveals parallel formation of hybrid races in two butterfly species BioRxiv.
June 12thLab MeetingIzabel AlvesThe evolution and coevolution of PRDM9.
June 26thLab MeetingWill MilliganEvolution of Genetic Variance in Mutation Rates
Journal ClubIpsita Agarwal and Zach FullerKarczewski et al. 2020, The mutational constraint spectrum quantified from variation in 141,456 humans Nature and Collins et al. 2020, A structural variation reference for medical and population genetics Nature.
July 3rdJournal ClubArbel HarpakWang et al. 2020, Theoretical and empirical quantification of the accuracy of polygenic scores in ancestry divergent populations BioRxiv.
July 10th Journal Club Felix Wu Volkova et al. 2020, Mutational signatures are jointly shaped by DNA damage and repair BioRxiv.
July 17th Journal Club Luke Sarre Cantina et al. 2020, Evolutionary Persistence of DNA Methylation for Millions of Years after Ancient Loss of a De Novo Methyltransferase BioRxiv.
July 24th Journal Club Marc de Manuel Montero Bell et al. 2020, Insights into variation in meiosis from 31,228 human sperm genomes Nature.
August 14th Journal Club Ipsita Agarwal Sinnott-Armstrong et al. 2020, GWAS of three molecular traits highlights core genes and pathways alongside a highly polygenic background bioRxiv.
August 21th Journal Club Carla Hoge Murakami et al. 2020, Multilayered mechanisms ensure that short chromosomes recombine in meiosis Nature.
August 28th Journal Club Felix Wu Pearce and Vandenbroucke 2020, Educational note: types of causes International Journal of Epidemiology.

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