LAB NEWS (since 3/2017)

  • Talk by Arbel Harpak at the 2019 Biology of Genomes on the Poor portability of polygenic scores even within an ancestry group
  • Ipsita Agarwal is awarded the 2019-2020 John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship as a alumnus of Amherst College
  • Kristin Lee joins the lab as a postdoc, after a PhD at UC Davis
  • Former graduate student Ellen Leffler takes an Assistant Professor position in the Dept. of Human Genetics at the University of Utah as of fall 2019
  • Carla Hoge joins the lab as a graduate student
  • Arbel Harpak starts his postdoc in the lab, after a PhD at Stanford
  • Zach Fuller awarded an NIGMS F32 postdoctoral grant
  • Talk by Ipsita Agarwal at the 2018 Biology of Genomes meetings on Widespread differences in the mutation spectrum of X and autosomes: causes and consequences
  • Ipsita Agarwal is awarded the 2018-2019 John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship as a alumnus of Amherst College
  • Current rotation student Carla Hoge awarded a NSF GRFP to work on our nascent project in coral genetics
  • Yun Deng, an undergraduate student visiting from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will work in the lab Jan-June 2018
  • Molly Schumer awarded a 2017 l’Oréal Women in Science fellowship
  • Molly Schumer awarded a Hanna Gray HHMI fellowship
  • Molly Schumer will join the faculty of Biology at Stanford University in 2019
  • As of January 2018, Priya Moorjani will be an Assistant Professor in the MCB Dept of UC Berkeley
  • Former postdoc Sonal Singhal starts her position as Assistant Professor in Biology at California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • Molly Schumer receives the 2017 Dobzhansky Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution
  • Felix Wu, a student in the Integrative Program, joins the lab
  • Priya Moorjani is awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Awards at the Scientific Interface
  • Yuki Haba is awarded the 2017 Alfred Russell Wallace Prize for the best MA thesis in the Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
  • Ipsita Agarwal is awarded the 2017-2018 John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship as a alumnus of Amherst College
  • Talks by Hakhamanesh Mostafavi on Identifying genetic variants that affect viability in large cohorts and by Zach Baker on the Repeated losses of PRDM9-directed recombination despite the conservation of PRDM9 across vertebrates at Biology of Genomes 2017
  • Yuki Haba heading to Princeton University in the fall to pursue a Ph.D. on the evolution of behavior
  • Talk by Eduardo Amorim on The Population Genetics of Recessive Lethal Mutations & poster by Ipsita Agrawal on Sex Differences in the Mutation Spectrum in Humans (July 2017) at SMBE 2017
  • Molly Schumer (Harvard Society of Fellows) to co-chair the Evolution session of the Biology of Genomes 2017 meeting (May 2017)
  • Egill Richard visits the lab from a Masters program at Université Paris 7 (April-Aug 2017)
  • Zachary Fuller joins the lab as a new postdoc, from a PhD at Penn State (March 2017)
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