Current Lab Members

Molly Przeworski

Dept. of Biological Sciences
Dept. of Systems Biology

mp3284 at

Molly received a B.A. in Mathematics from Princeton University and a Ph.D. from the Committee on Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago, working with Brian Charlesworth and Dick Hudson. Her postdoc was in the group of Peter Donnelly in the Statistics Dept. of the University of Oxford, and was followed by a two year stint as a research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Before moving to Columbia University, she was a faculty member at the University of Chicago (where she was also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist) as well as, briefly, at Brown University.

Ipsita Agarwal

ipsitaGraduate Student

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Ipsita has an undergraduate degree in Biology and Economics from Amherst College (2013). She is a Ph.D. student in the Biological Sciences doctoral program. Her research focuses on human germline mutation.


Zachary Baker

zachary_croppedGraduate Student

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Zach has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University where he concentrated in Genetics, Genomics and Developmental Biology (2014). He is a Ph.D. student in the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Studies doctoral program. His research focuses on the evolution of recombination in vertebrates.

Chen Chen

Graduate Student

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Chen has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from  Tsinghua University, China (2012). She is a graduate student in the Biological Sciences program at Columbia University. She is currently studying determinants of somatic and germline mutation rates as a joint student with Molly Przeworski at Columbia and Joe Pickrell at the New York Genome Center.

Zachary Fuller

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Zach has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Creighton University and received his PhD in Biology at Penn State (2017) where he worked with Steve Schaeffer. His dissertation focused on investigating the mechanisms establishing chromosomal inversions in populations of Drosophila, as well as analyzing adaptive evolution in African honey bees. For his postdoc, Zach is interested in investigating mutational dynamics and processes in human and primate populations.

Priya Moorjani

priyaPostdoctoral Researcher

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Priya has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai and M.S. in Bioinformatics from George Washington University. She received her Ph.D. (2013) in Genetics from Harvard University (advised by David Reich and Nick Patterson). During her dissertation, she developed novel methods and approaches for analyzing genomic data to learn about population history, particularly focusing on populations of mixed ancestry such as West Eurasians and South Asians. For her postdoc, Priya has been investigating mutation and recombination processes in primates and their use as molecular clocks.

Hakhamanesh Mostafavi

Graduate student

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Hakhamanesh has an undergraduate degree in Polymer Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic (2010) and M.S. in Macromolecular Materials from Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (2012). He is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University. Previously at Columbia, he developed models of membrane fusion during neurotransmitter release before becoming interested in evolutionary genetics. He now works on natural selection in contemporary humans.

Molly Schumer

Postdoctoral Researcher

— at columbia dot edu

Molly studied biology at Reed College and did her PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Princeton, working with Peter Andolfatto and Gil Rosenthal. Her dissertation focused on understanding the prevalence of hybridization and its role in evolutionary processes. For her postdoctoral research, Molly is interested in understanding the impacts of basic genetic processes, such as recombination mechanisms, on hybrid evolution. Molly is a Harvard Society of Fellows member since the summer of 2016, but retains close ties to the group. 

Felix Wu

Graduate student

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Felix has an undergraduate degree in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University (2014). He is a Ph.D. student in the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Studies doctoral program. He currently works on methods for identifying de novo mutations and estimating mutation rates. Outside of the lab, Felix is interested in music and cooking, but he swears that he doesn’t sing Verdi in the kitchen.

Przeworski Lab, August 2017