Journal club, spring 2013

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June 17 Minyoung

Whole-genome sequencing in autism identifies hot spots for de novo germline mutation. Michaelson et al. 2012. Cell 151(7):1431-42.

Revising the human mutation rate: implications for understanding human evolution. Scally and Durbin 2012. Nat Rev Gen 13(10):745-753.

June 10 Ellen Genetic recombination is targeted towards gene promoter regions in dogs. Auton et al. 2013. arXiv.
June 3 Ziyue Length distributions of identity by descent reveal fine-scale demographic history. Palamara et al. 2012. Am J Hum Genet. 7;91(6):1150.
May 28 Marie Recurrent rearrangement during adaptive evolution in an interspecific yeast hybrid suggests a model for rapid introgression. Dunn et al. 2013. PLoS Genet, 9(3):e1003366.
May 20 Daniel Hybrid speciation and independent evolution in lineages of alpine butterflies. Nice et al. 2013. Evolution, 67: 1055–1068.
May 13 Amir Genomic Tests of Variation in Inbreeding Among Individuals and Among Chromosomes. Schraiber et al. 2012. Genetics. (192): 1477–1482.
May 6 Wynn Genetic Architecture of Skin and Eye Color in an African- European Admixed Population. Beleza et al. 2013. PLOS Genet. 9(3): e1003372.
May 2 Laure Genomic evidence of rapid and stable adaptive oscillations over seasonal time scales in Drosophila. Bergland et al. 2013. arXiv.
Apr 24 Daniel A Y-like social chromosome causes alternative colony organization in fire ants. Wang et al. 2013. Nature 493, 664-668.
Apr 8 Ziyue Estimating selection coefficients in spatially structured populations from time series data of allele frequencies. Mathieson et al. 2013. Genetics 193(3), 973-984.
Apr 2 Keerthi A framework for variation discovery and genotyping using next-generation DNA sequencing data. DePristo et al. 2011. Nature Genetics 43, 491–498.

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