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Spring 2021

When What Who Details January 8th Lab Meeting Ipsita Agarwal Mutation saturation in current samples Journal club Marc de Manuel Baur & Berger 2020, Experimental evidence for effects of sexual selection on condition-dependent mutation rates Nature Ecology & Evolution January 15th Lab Meeting Eric… Continue Reading “Spring 2021”

Fall 2020

When What Who Details August 14th Journal Club Ipsita Agarwal Sinnott-Armstrong et al. 2020, GWAS of three molecular traits highlights core genes and pathways alongside a highly polygenic background bioRxiv. August 21th Journal Club Carla Hoge Murakami et al. 2020, Multilayered mechanisms ensure that… Continue Reading “Fall 2020”

Spring 2020

When What Who Details January 24th Lab Meeting Zach Fuller Towards a genetic prediction of bleaching in Corals. January 31st Journal club Carla Hoge Jung et al. 2019, Unified single-cell analysis of testis gene regulation and pathology in five mouse strains eLife Journal club… Continue Reading “Spring 2020”

Fall 2019

Our weekly lab meetings and journal clubs were held together with the Andolfatto and Sella labs. Meeting times: Fridays 2:15-3:30 pm (lab meeting) & 3:45-5:00 pm (journal club) Full Schedule: When What Who Details August 2nd Lab Meeting Xiaoheng Cheng Statistical approaches for detecting… Continue Reading “Fall 2019”

Spring 2019

Full Schedule: When What Who Details January 25th Lab Meeting Bárbara Bitarello Ancestry effects on the accuracy of polygenic scores for height in African-Americans (second talk) Iain Mathieson Polygenic scores for height in Ancient Europeans, and the evolution of skeletal morphology February 11th Journal… Continue Reading “Spring 2019”

Winter 2018

Full Schedule: When What Who Details July 26th Lab Meeting Lluis Q-M Unraveling the genetic and evolutionary sources of variation in immune response phenotypes July 27th Journal Club Jeremy Berg Cvijovic et al 2018 The effect of strong purifying selection on genetic diversity. Genetics.… Continue Reading “Winter 2018”

Spring 2018

Full Schedule: When What Who Details January 19th Lab Meeting Jeremy Berg Practice Job Talk January 26th Lab Meeting (@11:30am) Hakhamanesh Mostafavi Viability selection in contemporary humans February 2nd Conference NY Genome Center NY Human Genetics in NYC Conference February 9th Lab Meeting (@1:30pm)… Continue Reading “Spring 2018”

Fall 2017

Full Schedule: When What Who Details July 21st Lab Meeting (@2:00pm) Magnus Nordborg Epigenetic Variation in Arabidopsis Journal Club Guy Amster Pelletier et al. 2017 Eco-evolutionary dynamics in a contemporary human population. Nature. July 28th Journal Club Hakhamanesh Mostafavi Ge et al. 2017 Phenome-wide… Continue Reading “Fall 2017”

Spring 2017

When What Who Details January 6th Journal Club David Murphy Campos et al. 2016 Estimating the parameters of background selection and selective sweeps in Drosophila in the presence of gene conversion. January 13th Lab Meeting Fernando Racimo Detecting polygenic adaptation in an admixture graph… Continue Reading “Spring 2017”

Fall 2016

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