Lab meetings, spring and summer 2014

Sept 12 Hila Sheftel, Weizmann Institute — beginning promptly at 9a

Statistical Genetics Seminar to follow

Aug 15 Daniel Hooper (Price lab, U. Chicago)
Aug 1 PJ Perry (Penn State)
July 25 Adam Auton (Einstein)
June 27 Priya
June 20 Sonal
June 13 Christina Bergey (Disotell lab, NYU)
June 6 none – NYU Annual Symposium in Genomics –
May 30 Yuri Pritykin (Singh lab, Princeton)
May 9 none – Biology of Genomes –
May 2 Eli Stahl (Mount Sinai)
April 11 Amir
April 4 Guy A. *from 10:30-12 in Fairchild 800*
Mar 28 Molly Schumer (Andolfatto lab, Princeton)
Mar 14 Amy

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