Fall 2020

When What Who Details
August 14th Journal Club Ipsita Agarwal Sinnott-Armstrong et al. 2020, GWAS of three molecular traits highlights core genes and pathways alongside a highly polygenic background bioRxiv.
August 21th Journal Club Carla Hoge Murakami et al. 2020, Multilayered mechanisms ensure that short chromosomes recombine in meiosis Nature.
August 28th Journal Club Felix Wu Pearce and Vandenbroucke 2020, Educational note: types of causes International Journal of Epidemiology.
October 23rd Lab Meeting Vagheesh Narasimhan Natural selection through different time epochs in ancient Europeans.
October 30th Journal club Zach Fuller and Carla Hoge Kuntz et al. 2020, Juvenile corals inherit mutations acquired during the parent’s lifespan bioRxiv and Barfield et al. 2016, Evolutionary origins of germline segregation in Metazoa: evidence for a germ stem cell lineage in the coral Orbicella faveolata (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) Proceedings of the Royal Society B
November 13th Lab Meeting Ipsita Agarwal Fitness consequences of DNMs
Journal club Daniel Hooper
November 20th Lab Meeting Arbel Harpak Interpreting signals of polygenic adaptation – Part 1
Journal club Anna Yoney Guo et al. 2020 The Dynamic Transcriptional Cell Atlas of Testis Development during Human Puberty, Cell Stem Cell
December 4th Lab Meeting Carla Hoge
December 11th Lab Meeting Laura Hayward & Guy Sella Interpreting signals of polygenic adaptation – Part 2
December 18th Lab Meeting Peter Andolfatto Diet unmasks cryptic genetic variants that regulate lifespan in outbred Drosophila

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