Winter 2018

Full Schedule:

When What Who Details
July 26th Lab Meeting Lluis Q-M Unraveling the genetic and evolutionary sources of variation in immune response phenotypes
July 27th Journal Club Jeremy Berg Cvijovic et al 2018 The effect of strong purifying selection on genetic diversity. Genetics.
August 16th (@2:00pm) Lab Meeting Will Milligan TBD
August 17th Lab Meeting Hakhamanesh Mostafavi Decomposing pitfalls of polygenic score portability across populations
September 12th (Wednesday) @9:30am Lab Meeting Wynn Meyer From blue eyes to the deep blue sea: exploring the genetic basis of convergent traits in mammals
October 16th, 9am Lab Meeting Zach Fuller Using genomics to understand adaptation in the coral Acropora millepora
Nov 14th Journal Club Arbel Harpak O’Connor et al. 2018, Distinguishing genetic correlation from causation across 52 diseases and complex traits. Nature Genetics.
Nov 27th @9AM Journal Club @9AM Jeremy Berg O’Connor et al. 2018 Polygenicity of complex traits is explained by negative selection. bioRxiv.
Dec 12th Journal Club @9AM Will Milligan Young and Donelly 2018 Identifying loci affecting trait variability and detecting interactions in genome-wide association studies. Nature Genetics.
Dec 19th Journal Club @9AM Laura Hayward Hoellinger et al. 2018 Polygenic Adaptation: From sweeps to subtle frequency shifts. bioRxiv.

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