Spring 2019

Full Schedule:

When What Who Details
January 25th Lab Meeting Bárbara Bitarello Ancestry effects on the accuracy of polygenic scores for height in African-Americans
(second talk) Iain Mathieson Polygenic scores for height in Ancient Europeans, and the evolution of skeletal morphology
February 11th Journal club Carla Hoge Halldorsson et al. 2019, Characterizing mutagenic effects of recombination through a sequence level genetic map
February 18thJournal club Ipsita Agarwal Warrington et al. 2019, Maternal and fetal genetic effects on birth weight and their relevance to cardio-metabolic risk factors. bioRxiv.
February 22nd, time TBD Lab Meeting Nancy Chen Tracking short-term evolution in a pedigreed wild population
March 4th Journal club Laura Hayward Hou et al. 2019, Accurate estimation of SNP-heritability from biobank-scale data irrespective of genetic architecture. bioRxiv.
March 13th, 9AM Lab Meeting Dan Belsky Phenotypic Annotation: Polygenic Score Analysis of Human Development to Advance Translation of GWAS Discovery
March 18th Lab Meeting Jeremy Berg Polygenic mutation selection drift balance under the liability threshold model
March 19th @10:30 Lab Meeting Elora López Molecular processes associated with long life span and resilience to stress in reef-building corals
March 25th Lab Meeting Tyler Joseph Time-series models for population structure.
April 29th Journal club Arbel Harpak Selzam et al. 2019, Comparing within- and between-family polygenic score prediction. bioRxiv.
May 6th Lab Meeting Mikkel Schierup Neanderthal fragments lengths and mutational signatures suggests different historical generation times in non-African population over the past 50,000 years
May 13th Lab Meeting Lucas Moreira Genomics of parallel divergence and local adaptation in two North American woodpeckers
May 20th Lab Meeting Kristin Lee Evolution of Color Vision in New World Monkeys
May 28th Lab Meeting Felix Wu Directly estimating the sex-specific mutation rate in olive baboons
June 3rd Lab Meeting Carla Hoge Towards Understanding the Evolution of Recombination Localization in Vertebrates
June 10th Lab Meeting Shyamalika Gopalan Characterizing the natural genetic and epigenetic diversity of human populations
Journal Club Zach Fuller Weghorn et al 2019 Applicability of the Mutation–Selection Balance Model to Population Genetics of Heterozygous Protein-Truncating Variants in Humans. Molecular Biology and Evolution.
June 13th @ 10am Thesis Defense Hakhamamesh Mostafavi Quantitative trait variation and adaptation in contemporary humans.
June 14th @ 9am Lab Meeting Will Milligan Selection against mutator alleles limits their impact on mutation rates
June 17th Journal club Isabel Alves Shanfelter et al. 2019, Divergent fine-scale recombination landscapes between a freshwater and marine population of threespine stickleback fish. Genome Biology and Evolution.
June 24th Lab Meeting Zach Baker An evolutionary perspective on the localization of meiotic recombination events.

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