Spring 2022

When What Who Details
January 28th Lab Meeting Pei-Yin Shih Population genetics of fighting fish
February 18th Lab Meeting Margaret Antonio Using ancient DNA to explore recent human population structure.
Journal Club Hannah Munby Ebel et al. 2022,
Revisiting the malaria hypothesis: accounting for polygenicity and pleiotropy
Trends in Parasitology.
March 4th Lab Meeting Alison Barton Investigating the contribution of rare coding variants to phenotypes in UK Biobank.
Journal Club Carla Hoge Marcovitz et al. 2019,
A functional enrichment test for molecular convergent evolution finds a clear protein-coding signal in echolocating bats and whales
March 11th Lab Meeting Jeff Spence Simulation-based machine learning in population genetics as approximate Bayesian inference
Journal Club Marc de Manuel Rockweiler et al. 2022,
The origins and functional effects of postzygotic mutations throughout the human lifespan
March 18th Lab Meeting Carla Hoge Recombination patterns in cornsnakes suggest a tug of war between PRDM9 and promoter-like features
Journal Club Djivan Prentout Lenormand and Roze 2022,
Y recombination arrest and degeneration in the absence of sexual dimorphism
Science and Jay et al. 2022
Modeling the stepwise extension of recombination suppression on sex chromosomes and other supergenes through deleterious mutation sheltering
March 25th Lab Meeting Minyoung Wyman T-asymmetry in the human germline
April 29th Journal Club Will Milligan Genetics of participation
May 6th Lab Meeting Carrie Zhu Amplification is the primary mode of gene-by-sex interaction in complex human traits
May 11th Lab Meeting Will Milligan Conditions for large effect fixations under polygenic adaptation
May 13th Lab Meeting Djivan Prentour TBD
June 3rd Lab Meeting Carla Hoge TBD
Lab Meeting Will Milligan Practice PEQG talk
June 13th Lab Meeting Jiarun Chen Polygenic Adaptation under Recurrent Changes in Environment
June 17th Journal Club Molly Przeworski Okbay et al. 2022,
Polygenic prediction of educational attainment within and between families from genome-wide association analyses in 3 million individuals
Nature genetics.
July 13th Lab Meeting Marc de Manuel TBD
July 20th Lab Meeting Ana Pinharanda TBD
July 27th Lab Meeting Flora Borne TBD

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