Fall 2022


When What Who Details
Sept. 30 Journal club Young Mi Kwon Tilk et al. 2022, Most cancers carry a substantial deleterious load due to Hill-Robertson interference (eLife).
Oct. 7 Lab meeting Magnus Nordborg Methylation madness.
Oct. 21 Lab meeting Yige Zhao Predicting functional and fitness effect of missense variants.
Nov. 4 Lab meeting Magnus Nordborg Methylation madness continued.
Journal club Minyoung Wyman Cosby et al. 2021, Recurrent evolution of vertebrate transcription factors by transposase capture (Science).
Nov. 11 Journal club Carla Hoge Wang et al. 2022, Comparative genome anatomy reveals evolutionary insights into a unique amphitriploid fish (Nat Ecol Evol).
Nov. 14 Lab meeting Jeremy Berg
Nov. 18 Journal club Marc de Manuel Kaplanis et al. 2022, Genetic and chemotherapeutic influences on germline hypermutation (Nature).
Dec. 2 Lab meeting Meret Arter
Journal club Vanesa Getseva Mbatchou et al. 2021, Computationally efficient whole-genome regression for quantitative and binary traits (Nature Genetics).
Dec. 9 Lab meeting Manyuan Long The Origination of Genes from Scratch under Sexual Conflict.
Journal club Magnus Nordborg Brovkina et al. 2022, A common genomic architecture for interacting with the external world (bioRxiv).
Dec. 16 Lab meeting David Stern
Lab meeting Joy Bergelson
and Magnus Nordborg
Field GWAS and experimental evolution experiments reveal genetic tradeoffs in response to temporally and spatially variable selection

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