Spring 2023

When What Who Details
Jan. 13 Lab meeting Minyoung Wyman Transcription-coupled repair in the germline.
Journal club Hannah Munby Schield et al. 2022, The roles of balancing selection and recombination in the evolution of rattlesnake venom (Nat Ecol Evol).
Feb. 10 Lab meeting Vanesa Getseva An approach to identify mutator alleles in humans.
Journal club Akanksha Bhat Muralidhar et al. 2022, Assortative mating enhances postzygotic barriers to gene flow via ancestry bundling (PNAS).
Mar. 3 Lab meeting Natanael Spisak Modeling helps to identify key parameters of human mutagenesis.
Carla Hoge A tug of war between PRDM9 and promoter-like features revealed by the study of a non-mammalian vertebrate.
Journal club Andrés Bendesky
and Magnus Nordborg
Dutrow et al. 2022, Domestic dog lineages reveal genetic drivers of behavioral diversification (Cell).
Mar. 13 Lab meeting Simon Myers
Apr. 7 Journal club Natanael Spisak Jumper et al. 2021, Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold (Nature).
Apr. 14 Lab meeting Robin Burns Cycles of satellite and transposon evolution in arabidopsis centromeres.
Apr. 21 Lab meeting Marc de Manuel
and Natanael Spisak
Mechanisms behind mutational signatures.
Apr. 28 Lab meeting Djivan Prentout Recombination in zebra finch.
May 5 Lab meeting Aleksandra Kornienko Extensive natural variation and silencing of lncRNAs in Arabidopsis thaliana.
May 8 Lab meeting Joyce Wang The poor portability of polygenic scores is only partially attributable to genetic ancestry.
May 12 Thesis defense Will Milligan
May 19 Lab meeting Vladimir Seplyarskiy Evolution of mutational processes in mammals.
July 6 Lab meeting Hannah Munby Investigating long-lived balancing selection using shared variation between human and chimpanzee.

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