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Journal club, spring 2014

When Who What June 6 none – NYU Annual Symposium in Genomics – May 30 Amy Transmission Distortion Affecting Human Noncrossover but Not Crossover Recombination: A Hidden Source of Meiotic Drive Odenthal-Hesse et al. PLoS Genet 2014. May 9 none – Biology of Genomes… Continue Reading “Journal club, spring 2014”

Journal club, fall 2013

When Who What Dec 12 Molly Great ape genetic diversity and population history. Prado-Martinez et al. 2013. Nature. 499(7459):471-5. Dec 9 Speaker: Pleuni Pennings, Postdoc with Dmitri Petrov Dec 5 Speaker: Anand Bhaskar, Ph.D. student with Yun Song Nov 21 Guy S. Why… Continue Reading “Journal club, fall 2013”

Journal club, spring 2013

When Who What June 17 Minyoung Whole-genome sequencing in autism identifies hot spots for de novo germline mutation. Michaelson et al. 2012. Cell 151(7):1431-42. Revising the human mutation rate: implications for understanding human evolution. Scally and Durbin 2012. Nat Rev Gen 13(10):745-753.… Continue Reading “Journal club, spring 2013”

Journal club, winter 2013

When Who What Mar 20 Amir Human aneuploidy: mechanisms and new insights into an age-old problem. Nagaoka et al. 2012. Nat Rev Genet 13(7):493-504. Mar 4 Wynn Long-term exposure to antibiotics has caused accumulation of resistance determinants in the gut microbiota of honeybees.… Continue Reading “Journal club, winter 2013”

Journal club, fall 2012

When Who What Dec 10 Wynn The genomic landscape of species divergence in Ficedula flycatchers Dec 3 Ziyue Using environmental correlations to identify loci underlying local adaptation Nov 26 Amir Distinguishing between Selective Sweeps from Standing Variation and from a De Novo… Continue Reading “Journal club, fall 2012”