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Lab Meeting, Spring 2016

When Who Aug 8 Jason O’Rawe (CSHL): “Toward Reliable Analysis of Individual Genomes” July 18 Linda Boettger (The Broad Institute): “Utilizing comparative genomics to identify the targets of balancing selection in mammals” June 13 Eduardo May 16 Luke Jostins (Wellcome Trust for Human Genetics… Continue Reading “Lab Meeting, Spring 2016”

Journal Club, Spring 2016

When Who What Jun 13 Claude Galinsky et al. 2016  Population structure of UK Biobank and ancient Eurasians reveals adaptation at genes influencing blood pressure.. bioRxiv. May 23 Hakhamanesh Smith et al. 2016, Modeling linkage disequilibrium and mutation to estimate time to the common… Continue Reading “Journal Club, Spring 2016”

Lab Meeting, Fall 2015

When Who Dec 7 – 3:45pm Fernando Racimo, Slatkin Lab, UC Berkeley November 30 Anna Di Rienzo, University of Chicago November 23 Hakhamanesh November 16 Chen October 5 Molly Schumer, Andolfatto lab, Princeton September 14 Duncan Palmer, McVean Group, University of Oxford, “Estimating HLA… Continue Reading “Lab Meeting, Fall 2015”

Journal Club, Fall 2015

When Who What Dec 7 Yuval Lodato et al., 2015. Somatic mutation in single human neurons tracks developmental and transcriptional history. Science. Nov 30 Alva Paper TBA Nov 23 Chen Lodato et al., 2015. Somatic mutation in single human neurons tracks developmental and transcriptional history. Science. Nov 16 Priya Paper… Continue Reading “Journal Club, Fall 2015”

Journal Club, Spring 2015

When Who What Jan 12 cancelled due to Biology seminar Jan 19 MLK Jr Holiday Jan 26 cancelled Feb 2 Shai MacArthur et al., 2014. The Rate of Nonallelic Homologous Recombination in Males Is Highly Variable, Correlated between Monozygotic Twins and Independent of Age. PLoS Genetics.  Feb… Continue Reading “Journal Club, Spring 2015”

Lab Meeting, Spring 2015

When Who  Jan 12 Mark Lipson, Harvard (Note: lab meeting is exceptionally at 3:45 pm, in lieu of journal club.) Jan 19 MLK Jr Holiday Jan 26 Lavanya Kannan, AMNH Feb 2 Tuuli Lappalainen, New York Genome Center & Columbia Feb 16 Elliot Aguilar, “”Evolution… Continue Reading “Lab Meeting, Spring 2015”

Lab Meetings, Fall 2014

When Who Sept 15th Molly Sept 22nd Chris Nasrallah (NC State) Oct 13th Yuval Oct 27th Judy Cho MD (Mt Sinai) Nov 3 Shai (Pe’er Lab) Nov 24 Minyoung Dec 1 Ziyue Dec 15 Sonal

Journal Club, Fall 2014

When Who What  Sept 15 Guy A. Inferring human population size and separation history from multiple genome sequences. Nature Gen. Schiffels and Durbin, 2014.  Sept 22 Joe Common genetic variants associated with cognitive performance identified using the proxy-phenotype method. PNAS 2014   Sept 29 Sonal… Continue Reading “Journal Club, Fall 2014”

Journal club, summer 2014

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Lab meetings, spring and summer 2014

LAB MEETINGS GIVEN BY: Sept 12 Hila Sheftel, Weizmann Institute — beginning promptly at 9a Statistical Genetics Seminar to follow Aug 15 Daniel Hooper (Price lab, U. Chicago) Aug 1 PJ Perry (Penn State) July 25 Adam Auton (Einstein) June 27 Priya June 20… Continue Reading “Lab meetings, spring and summer 2014”